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NEW! Signed Safe Water Certification 8/8/2014

During this drought we all have been asked to cut our water usage by 20%. Attached please find a list of suggestions that you can implement to help to save water. What does a 20% reduction look like?

Small Water System: 2013 Annual Report to the Drinking Water Program

2014 Reserve Study

Bakersfield Drought Preparedness Workshop 5-6-14

FTHA Bylaw Change, Approved by General Membership on 6/22/13.

2012 California Department of Public Health: Sanitary Survey of Frontier Trail Homeowners Association Water System, January 13, 2013.

Proposed Bylaw Changes for June 22, 2013 General Meeting.

Safe Water Notice, April 18, 2013.

FTHA Tank Cleaning project and their assessments:

2014-2015 CALENDAR

  • June 27, 2015 - 10 AM, General Membership Meeting at the METHODIST CHURCH in Kernville

*Note: Board meetings are now open to the General Membership.



These files are all in the PDF format.

"N/A" Means that I don't have the document - Rachael

Date Meeting Type Agenda Minutes
6/27/15 General Coming...
5/2/15 Board Might have this - need to sort through email NEW! Minutes
2/28/15 Board Coming...
1/10/15 General Coming...
11/15/14 Board Agenda Water List Coming...
8/9/14 Board Coming? Minutes
6/21/14 General Coming? Minutes
5/10/14 Board Coming? Minutes
2/8/14 Board Agenda Minutes
1/18/14 General Agenda Minutes
11/23/13 Special General Coming? Minutes
11/9/13 Board Agenda Coming?
8/17/13 Board Agenda Minutes
6/22/13 General Agenda Minutes (Corrected)
4/27/13 Board Agenda Minutes
2/9/13 Board Agenda Minutes
1/19/13 General Agenda Minutes
11/10/12 Board N/A Minutes
9/22/12 Special N/A Minutes
2/11/12 Board Agenda Minutes
5/19/12 Board Agenda N/A
1/21/12 General N/A Minutes
11/12/11 Board Agenda N/A
8/13/11 Board Agenda Minutes
6/18/11 General Agenda Minutes
6/18/11 Board Agenda N/A
2/12/11 Board Agenda (Corrected) Minutes
1/15/11 General Agenda Minutes
11/13/10 Board Agenda Minutes
8/14/10 Board Agenda Minutes
6/19/10 General Agenda Minutes
4/10/10 Board N/A Minutes
2/13/10 Board Agenda N/A
1/16/10 General Agenda Minutes
11/14/09 Board Agenda Minutes (Corrected)
8/8/09 Board Agenda Minutes
6/20/09 General Agenda Minutes
5/09/09 Board Agenda Minutes
1/17/09 General Agenda Minutes
12/6/08 Board Agenda Minutes
10/25/08 Board N/A Minutes
6/21/08 General Agenda N/A
1/19/08 General Agenda N/A
Updated: June 21, 2015